Friday, February 13, 2009

The "Joe" Box

Here is a box filled with little things, letters, pictures...whatever reminds me of special times I had with my husband. Now that I am married, I will just collect movie ticket stubs, otherwise I would need a very large box to put it all in!


I don't really collect them, but if I come across any that I like, I just get them and put them in this little jar!

My New Lucite Rose Card Holder!

Just got this vintage business card holder from another etsy shop, and I just love it!

Empty Unused Picture Frames

These were collecting dust, so I decided to paint them all fun colors and just hang them up as is...

Bird Figurines

I love a lot of bird stuff, I know...but who can resist these decorative treasures?

Vases Galore!

It doesn't stop there...I have many more scattered all throughout my place!

Anything Paris Related!

I have a cute picture of the word Paris in my living room...I got it at pier one last summer...I will always treasure it.