Friday, February 13, 2009

The "Joe" Box

Here is a box filled with little things, letters, pictures...whatever reminds me of special times I had with my husband. Now that I am married, I will just collect movie ticket stubs, otherwise I would need a very large box to put it all in!


I don't really collect them, but if I come across any that I like, I just get them and put them in this little jar!

My New Lucite Rose Card Holder!

Just got this vintage business card holder from another etsy shop, and I just love it!

Empty Unused Picture Frames

These were collecting dust, so I decided to paint them all fun colors and just hang them up as is...

Bird Figurines

I love a lot of bird stuff, I know...but who can resist these decorative treasures?

Vases Galore!

It doesn't stop there...I have many more scattered all throughout my place!

Anything Paris Related!

I have a cute picture of the word Paris in my living room...I got it at pier one last summer...I will always treasure it.

Picture Frames!

For some reason, I just can't get enough of them!!!

Chunky Funky Rings!

Here's a way too add variety to one's fingers!

Flower Brooches!

These are the 2 of my favorite ones that I own...

My Long Necklaces!

I must have about 30 different ones...but they do make me happy!

My Kitty Cats!

Did somebody say, "Meow!" I couldn't find Ci-Ci, my other one, but here is Sabrina just snoozing on my bed...I love taking naps with them in the afternoons. They are great companions.

Various Designer Fabrics!

Fat quarters, half yards, you name it! I love Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Erin McMorris, Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner, I could go on and on, but I just love the vibrant fabrics they all have to offer someone like me...All of these fabrics will eventually become pillows for myself! Weeeeee!

My Calming Effect Poster!

It is self explanatory.....that is my steep, my way of times of high stress, worry, and despair, I just read that poster over and over again, and eventually, I am calm, so I carry on!

Tissue Paper Flowers!

These beauties were hand made by another etsy shop, and I saw them, and I had to have them sitting in one of my beautiful vases...they sure add color and cheeriness to my studio!

My Domino Magazines!

I have a subscription to them, and i absolutely love reading about interior decorating. (domino is a trademark)

Bird Ornaments!

I have at least 20 of them, but they look so good hanging from my big branches in my tall clear vase.

My Zebra Finches!

Meet Zoe(left) and Emmett(right) they were a Christmas gift from my husband last year, and I love them so much, they make the cutest little peep noises. They always keep watch while I work in my studio.

Throw Pillows!

I can now make them myself, and if I have to, I would never buy another one pre-made ever again! These 2 I made for myself...